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Why Agency Earn More Income?

Have you ever thought why does healthcare agencies workers make more money doing the same exact thing as you? If you ever thought about exploring new cities and paying off debt; here are the reasons why you should think about traveling and working with an agency.

Healthcare providers are needed to fill vacancies for facilities experiencing a staffing challenge. To help decrease permanent staff burnout and to ensure patients are properly cared for, facilities are willing to pay a premium rate for this temporary assistance. As Leigh Morgan stated, 7 states will have the greatest shortfall and 33 states are to experience a shortage of licensed practical nurses by 2030. Facilities which can consist of long-term care, hospitals, clinics, correctional facilities and more reach out to staffing agencies requesting help to find RELIABLE staff to fill their current needs. This allows the traveler to earn a higher incentive by being flexible to work in facilities that may be short in resources. Majority of travelers are away from home for 8-13 weeks at a time allowing them to either to receive a higher pay rate or a non-taxed stipend to take care of housing and meals. Other factors may impact travelers income such as location, specialty and shifts.

If you are interested in traveling to a new location, have a passion to help others and accepts new challenges. Then working with an agency is just right for you! You will enjoy the benefits of having complete control over your schedule, earn a higher wage and meeting new people. As a nurse-owned agency we understand the challenges are partners experience daily and we advocate for you and our clients daily. Contact our office today for additional information.


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